Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week 11 EOC: What I learned at the Well

Coming into this class, I expected to learn about marketing and that is basically it. I felt like it would take it to the next level from our basic marketing class last quarter, and we would learn more about the entertainment side. I did not know we would learn it the way we did. That is the one thing I hadn't prepared myself for. I believe there would be a lot of lectures and a project or two to go along with the final project, but instead we watched a lot of movies and didn't have any projects. While I do think we may have watched too many movies, I do see what they did for me. I remember one movie that showed me how important it is to make connections, and I need to do everything I can to make them. Two more showed me different things a manager did, but how they would do everything they possibly could to achieve their goal; be as personally successful as possible. The class taught me in ways I did not think I could learn in, and now I have a more open mind about what I'm actually going to need to do in order to be more successful then anybody thinks I will be. I learned what I wanted to learn in this class, but I did believe you spoke to much over some of the movies. If anything, I would just want to know more about the role of a manager. It is what I'm in this school for, and I wish we would have talked more about exactly what managers are, what they do, how much work they have to do to be successful, etc. Overall, I feel like I got almost everything I wanted out of this class.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 10 EOC: The Role of a Promoter

"When an individual has an idea for a new business venture, he or she may set about interesting others in the venture and persuade them to contribute capital to a company to be incorporate for the purpose of carrying on the venture. The individual will then be described as ‘promoter’ of the company." https://www.lawteacher.net/free-law-essays/business-law/role-of-promoters-in-company-establishment-business-law-essay.php A promoter is meant to promote something or someone, to get their name out here and make it known. The promoter is supposed to help make a product successful, no matter what the product is. They get the name known, and they shop the product around places where people need or will like the product. "In the 19th century, when industrial revolution came and companies flourished, the concept of promoter gained substantial importance like no other occupation, as there were no restrictions on advertising immediately to the public, inviting them to take shares in new companies, some promoters took advantage of their position and of public sympathy and hence defrauded the public on large extent." https://www.lawteacher.net/free-law-essays/business-law/role-of-promoters-in-company-establishment-business-law-essay.php. The promoter is extremely important in the success of whatever they are meant to promote. They carry out the necessary investigation to find out whether the formation of a company is possible and profitable. Thereafter, they organize the resources to convert the idea into a reality by forming a company. In this sense, the promoters are the originators of the plan for the formation of a company. https://www.lawteacher.net/free-law-essays/business-law/role-of-promoters-in-company-establishment-business-law-essay.php

Week 10 EOC: It's an Art

If I was in Peter's situation, I would take just enough money to improve my life, and invest the rest of it. I wouldn't invest until I research what I want to invest in, so I know it is a good investment. I would then try to improve the quality of my life with the small amount from the rest. I might use it on a downpayment for a cheap car, or maybe just a small amount of clothes and save it for emergency money. Just what I need to survive while the rest of he money is invested and I'm working my job. I wouldn't change to much about my life, just enough to keep myself happy with the money that i took out. If I was to get a cheap car, it would not be so cheap that it breaks down a lot, but it would not be a high end car. Just good enough to get me from place to place. Also I would buy clothes, because I do not have a lot as it is right now. Maybe four or five pairs of pants/shorts and 4 shirts. The rest would probably go towards food, as my family is big and they need a lot of it. I would remove probably 1/5 of the money for myself, and the other 4/5 would be invested after the proper research.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 9 EOC: I'm a little worried about my future

I feel like my future is going to go well for me. I don't have an exact career that I want yet, but I do know what field I want to be involved in. It's not black and white, and there will be many obstacles, but I know I'm motivated enough to make myself keep going. Right now I'm in school, starting up my own life, and preparing myself for the future. I live with my family, and the person I associate with the most is my new puppy, Luna. I'm saving up money, buying a car, and learning to be completely independent so by the time I graduate from Ai I'll be that much more prepared to handle myself and my career. I want to give myself the best chance I can to be successful. Since I love what I'm in school for, and I have a really big drive to be successful, I don't have a doubt I will be successful with my future endeavors. Everything I'm doing with my life right now is to prepare for this. I have a strong drive to be successful, and I want it to much to settle for anything less. My goal is to be happy with my life. I want a career that I love, to be able to support my own loving family, to have supportive friends, and to maintain my happiness for most of my life. So everything I'm doing with my life right now, and everyone that I know right now, is to prepare myself and ensure that I get the future I want.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 8 EOC: Deeper Meaning

To many games will overload the customer, or the people watching the college football bowl games. Making the games more rare will draw in a bigger crowd, as they won't have as many opportunities to see the games. Also, only having either the major teams, or teams with a major player playing will draw more attention than the basic teams that not many people are interested in. The scheduled date and time are important as you need to place the game at a time where many college football fans will be able to see it, and the channel should be available for everyone to watch it. You may even draw in new fans if u place it after the right show. The date is important because it needs to be on a day where people are excited and able to watch the game. Placing it on a week where there's Final Exams in college would be bad, as a majority of college sports fans support the college that they are attending. Placing it on a holiday could be good or bad depending on the holiday. If there are major sports games that day, such as the NBA or NFL, then that would be a bad day. Also, if most people are out celebrating something, then that is also a bad day. The games will get the most attention on a day and time where everyone can and will want to watch them. Networks should be aware of what is on other shows and what is scheduled around the game so they know where the attention is. If The Walking Dead is on another channel with a new episode at the time of the bowl, there is a chance the amount of people watching the bowl would be cut in half. If that show is right before the bowl, however, many of those people who don't change the channel would end up watching the bowl along with the people who were going to watch it anyways.

Week 8 EOC: Advertising in the Oscars

One issue at the Academy Awards was when they announced the wrong winner at the end of the show. Moonlight was supposed to win Best Picture, but La La Land was accidentally announced in its place. “As the "La La Land" cast was taking the stage to celebrate, a stagehand in the wings said, "Oh ... Oh my god, he got the wrong envelope." They walked back and forth repeating it. Stagehands, actors, production crew and journalists were stunned. Oscars producer Michael De Luca was peering into his monitor, trying to figure it out”. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-oscars-2017-89th-academy-awards-pricewaterhouse-coopers-issues-1488184837-htmlstory.html. Another issue at the Oscars was the spotlight that announcement put on the PwC, or the people who organize the Academy Awards. “Mr. Ryan watched in horror as the bizarre scene played out before Hollywood’s biggest stars and tens of millions of people watching around the globe. In a dizzying turn of events, his firm, which normally occupies a back seat at the glamorous event, was suddenly at the center of one of the most sensational stories in Oscars history. “I knew something was up,” he said in a telephone interview” https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/27/business/media/pwc-oscars-best-picture.html?_r=0. A third issue at the Academy Awards was the types of jokes Jimmy Kimmel decided to use throughout the night. Many of them were inappropriate not only for that setting, but for any setting. “There was the bit where he tweeted at Donald Trump, and some ha-ha moments when he made snacks rain down on the audience. But overall, many of the late night personality's jokes landed with a thud — especially because more than a few of them were at the expense of people of color.  http://www.refinery29.com/2017/02/142737/jimmy-kimmel-oscars-host-review-racism

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 7 EOC: Zuckerburg

Supportive communities are communities and intimate social structures we turn to for our personal, emotional and spiritual needs. Safe communities are communities that we as individuals all turn towards to make us feel more safe. Informed communities are communities that bring people together to do things we couldn't do on our own. To do this, we need ways to share new ideas and share enough common understanding to actually work together. An inclusive community is a community requires establishing a new process for citizens worldwide to participate in community governance. A civically-engaged community is a community where everybody is actively involved, and everyone wants to make the world a better place. I could use this to advance my career in a number of ways. Joining groups, or at least knowing someone in a few groups, gives me more connections that I didn't previously have. I have new people to talk to who can help me further my plans for my career. Depending on the group I join or meet people in, I can advance my career much faster than I had previously anticipated. My major and my career are all about the connections I make and the people I meet, and so the more connections that I can make and the more people that I meet the better off I'll be. I can use these groups in several different ways to further my career. Whether I meet people online in social groups or in person in a social setting, a beneficial connection will always be helpful.